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       A.Eslami, M. A. GOLOZAR, A. Fatehi, H.R. Gorji and H.Rahimi.

      Investigation and Mitigation of External (Atmospheric) Corrosion on Offshore

      Structurals of Pars Oil and Gas Company, Iran, 2020-2024

      A.Eslami, M. A. GOLOZAR, A. Fatehi, and H.R. Gorji 

    Technical and Economic Feasibility of Implementation of Pulse Cathodic Protection 

    on Buried Pipelines, Iranian National Gas Company, Esfahan Province, 2020-2022,

      A.Eslami, M. A. GOLOZAR, A. Fatehi, and H.R. Gorji  

         Investigation and Mitigation of Wear Mechanisms and Practical Solution to Increase

        of Life Cycle of Grinding Balls and Liners,  Shahr Babak Cupper Complex, Iran,


      A. Eslami, M. Peikary, M. A. GOLOZAR, A. Fatehi, H.R. Gorji and H.R. 


       Investigating Corrosion of Cooling Water Piping System in Iran Alloy Steel 

       Company, Yazd Province, Iran. 2018-2020 

              A.Eslami, M. A. GOLOZAR, A. Fatehi, H.R. Gorji, J. Mohammadi and

          H. Jafari.

           Investigation on  Corrosion and Life Assessment of Metallic Parts of PE

           Branches Pipes, Instaled During 1999-2001 in Farsan City, Iran, 2019-2020

        M. A. GOLOZAR,

        Corrosion and Scaling Prevention in Heat Exchangers of Oxygen Unit Equipment,

         Mobarake Steel Complex, Iran 2017-2018.         

        •  M. A. GOLOZAR, A. Eslami  

         Investigation and Evaluation of Factors Affecting pH Drop in Deep Wells

         Groundbed Cathodic Protection System in Isfahan Province, (Isfahan Gas Province

         National Iranian Gas Company), 2015-2016.

      M. A. GOLOZAR  

       Investigation and Evaluation of Failure of 16in″#X52 grade API 5L Steel Gas Pipe

          Line, in Komsheche, Isfahan, (Isfahan Gas Province, National Iranian Gas

          Company), 2013-2014

   •   M. A. GOLOZAR, H. Salimi Jazi

        Restoration of Plate Collecting Rolls Using Heat Treatment and Coating,

         Mobarakeh Steel Complex, Esfahan, Iran, 2012-2014,

Tribological Properties and Behavior of Nano and Conventional ZrO2-Y2O3 Thermal Barrier Coatings, (IUT), 2005-2006.

    F. Karimzadeh, M. A. GOLOZAR
Optimizing the Heat Treatment Cycle of TU5 Pistons Produced by Motor Sazi    (Engine Production) Pooya Neiestanak Co.  IUT, 2005

    A. Shafyie, M. A. GOLOZAR
Evaluation and Optimization of Effective Parameters during Final Sintering Process of Soft Ni-Zn Magnetic Ferrites, (IUT),  2003-2004

    M. A. GOLOZAR , M. Shamanian
Optimizing the Equipment and Heat Treatment Procedure for Rolling Dies, (Sepahan Profiles Industry), 2000-2002

    M. H. Fathi, V. Mortazavi, M. A. GOLOZAR
Effects of Clinical Procedures on Corrosion Behavior of Dental Amalgams, (IUT)

    M. A. GOLOZAR, H. Edris, M. Fazel Najafabadi
In situ Production and Evaluation of Al-TiB2 and Al-ZrB2 Composites, (IUT)
2000- 2002

    M. Meratian, M. A. GOLOZAR
Directional Solidification of Aluminum Alloys, (IUT), 1999 –2001

    M. A. GOLOZAR, R. Bagheri,
Fluidized Bed Powder Coating of High-Density Polyethylene on Aluminum Alloys and Plain Carbon Steel, (IUT), 1997-1999

    M. A. GOLOZAR, A. Saidi
Manufacturing the Shear Knives Used in the Weld Trimming Machine, Cold Rolling Unit (Mobarakeh Steel Complex), 1996-1999

    A. Saidi, M. A. GOLOZAR
Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis of Fe-WC and Fe(W-Ti)C Composites, (IUT), 1996

•  M. H. Fathi, V. Mortazavi, M. A. GOLOZAR
Evaluation of Mercury Released from Dental Amalgam and its Effects in Human Body, (IUT), 1996-1997

•  M. A. GOLOZAR, R. Bagheri
Spray Electrostatic Powder Coating of High-Density Polyethylene on Aluminum Alloys and Plain Carbon Steel for Aqueous Media, (IUT), 1995-1997

Combustion Flame Diamond Deposition on Stainless Steel Substrates, (IUT)

•  A. Saatchi, M. A. GOLOZAR
Co-diffusion of Chromium and Aluminum in Steel Substrate, (IUT)

Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Cracking of Aluminum Alloys and Steel Weldments in Seawater, (IUT), 1992-1994

•  M. A. GOLOZAR, A. Najafizadeh
Effects of Alloying Elements Such as Cu, Sn and Al on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of ADI Alloys, (IUT), 1988-1990


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