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Corrosion Behavior of Carbon Steel in Gas Sweating Unit of Refineries, Using Diethanol Amine(DEA)/Diglycol Amine(DGA), 2006
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Texture and Morphology of Electrodeposited Zinc Alloy Coatings, 2004
Effects of TIG Welding Parameters on the Mechanical, Microstructural and Stress Corrosion Characteristics of Al-5083 Alloy, 2004
Effects of Niobium on the Wear and ductility of White Cast Iron Containing Chromium, 2004
Study of Effective Factors on Increasing Quality of Modified Polypropylene Coatings on the Steel Surface by Electrostatic Method, 2004
Effects of Time, pH and Surface Conditions on the Passive Layer Formation of A 516Gr.70 Carbon Steel in H2S Saturated Water, 2004
Efficiency of Phosphate Inhibitors Containing Zinc and Molybdate, In Neutral Solutions Having Various Hardness, 2004
Effects of Heat Treatment on the Wear Behavior of H13 Hot Worked Tool Steel, 2003
Investigating the Corrosion Behavior of Aluminum, Copper and Iron in Aqueous Chloride Solution, Using Electrochemical Noise Technique,