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• Undergraduate Courses
Phase Transformation, Physical Metallurgy, Solidification, Coatings, Corrosion, Oxidation and Protection, Materials Science, Materials Selection, Surface Engineering, Structure and Properties of Engineering Alloys, Heat Treatment,
• Undergraduate Labs
Metallography, Solidification, Heat treatment, Corrosion and Protection
• Graduate Courses
Advanced Corrosion, Characterization and Selection of Engineering Alloys, Modern Techniques of Surface Science and Analyzes, Cathodic and Anodic Protection, Conversion Coatings, Mechanical Aspects of Corrosion
• Graduate Lab
Advanced Corrosion and Protection
• Industrial and Technological Applied Courses: Heat Treatment, Alloy Development, Materials Characterization and Selection, Practical Metallography, Corrosion and Protection, Failure Analysis, Application and Interpretation of Polarization Diagrams, Cathodic Protection, Stress Corrosion Cracking, Corrosion Monitoring,{content}