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Technical Notes & Reports

VI Technical Notes & Reports
Five Reports on Optimizing the Heat Treatment Process of Steel Rolling Dies IUT, 2001-2002
An Investigation on The Failure and/or Overheat of Super Heat Tubes Mobarakeh Steel Complex, Isfahan, IRAN, 1998
An Investigation on the W-Ag Conductors from SET Company IUT, 1997
An Investigation on the Grinding Tools of Steel Weldments, Using in Cold Rolling Mill Mobarakeh Steel Plant, IUT, 1996
Chemical and Microstructural Analysis of Specimens from Boilers in Bandare Emam Petrochemical Company IUT, 1996
An Investigation on the IFM Rode from Isfahan Power Station IUT, 1996
Technical Reports on Materials Characterization, Corrosion Recognition and Prevention, and Microstructural Analyses of Metals and Alloys IUT, 1992-1997
Failure Analysis of Super Heater Tubes of 220 MW Power Station Unit, Isfahan Power Station IUT, 1991
Assessment of Diamond Diamond-Like Coatings for Biomedical Applications SERC.Report, Department of Materials Engineering and Materials Design, University of Nottingham, UK, 1990
Investigation on the Welded Austenitic and Ferrite Stainless Steel Structures Isfahan Refractory Research Center, IUT, 1989

Technical Reports for Iranian Airplane Industries IUT, 1987-1989
Investigation on the Failure of Compressor's Seals in Isfahan Refinery IUT, 1988
Failure Analysis of Gas Spherical Containers of Bakhtaran Refinery IUT, 1987
An investigation on The Galvanized Steel Structures, Produced by The Italian GIE Company IUT, 1986
More than 25 Technical Reports on Materials Characterization and Selection, Manufacturing Processes and Quality Control, Various Industries IUT, 1991-Present.