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Technical Notes & Reports

Technical Notes & Reports




•    Reports on Optimizing the Heat Treatment Process of Steel Rolling Dies
IUT, 2001-2002


•    An Investigation on The Failure and/or Overheat of Super Heat Tubes
Mobarakeh Steel Complex, Isfahan, IRAN, 1998


•    An Investigation on the W-Ag Conductors from SET Company, IUT, 1997.


•    An Investigation on the Grinding Tools of Steel Weldments, Using in Cold Rolling Mill
Mobarakeh Steel Plant, IUT, 1996


•    Chemical and Microstructural Analysis of Specimens from Boilers in Bandare Emam Petrochemical Company
IUT, 1996


•    An Investigation on the IFM Rode from Isfahan Power Station
IUT, 1996


•    Technical Reports on Materials Characterization, Corrosion Recognition and Prevention, and Microstructural Analyses of Metals and Alloys
IUT, 1992-1997


•    Failure Analysis of Super Heater Tubes of 220 MW Power Station Unit, Isfahan Power Station
IUT, 1991


•    Assessment of Diamond Diamond-Like Coatings for Biomedical Applications
SERC.Report, Department of Materials Engineering and Materials Design, University of Nottingham, UK, 1990


•    Investigation on the Welded Austenitic and Ferrite Stainless Steel Structures
Isfahan Refractory Research Center, IUT, 1989


•    Technical Reports for Iranian Airplane Industries
IUT, 1987-1989


•    Investigation on the Failure of Compressor's Seals in Isfahan Refinery
IUT, 1988


•    Failure Analysis of Gas Spherical Containers of Bakhtaran Refinery
IUT, 1987


•    An investigation on The Galvanized Steel Structures, Produced by The Italian GIE Company
IUT, 1986


•    Technical Reports on Materials Characterization and Selection, Manufacturing Processes and Quality Control, Petroleum, Oil and Gas Industries.
IUT, 1991-2002

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